Happy Counselors Week! Thank you Ms. Bronca for all you do!

Due to continued severe weather, on Tuesday, Feb. 2, virtual classes will again be held with teacher-led instruction in the morning and asynchronous independent tasks assigned by the teacher in the afternoon.
All School District buildings & offices will be closed.

Important Updates:
February 3-5: Report Card Conferences 1:00-3:00 PM
Students will have virtual instruction in the morning.
February 15: President’s Day Schools Closed
March 1-3: Interim Reports
March 24: Grade Term 3 ends
March 29-April 2: Spring Recess Schools Closed

Click the following links to view current student grades:

Stepper for Accessing Grades Through Student Portal

Stepper for Accessing Grades Through Parent Portal


Use this link to view the presentation for the meeting: Title 1 Meeting Presentation

Please click this link to see the Bregy Back To School Night Presentation

Please click this link to read Principal Shakeera Warthen’s letter to all families!

2020-2021 school year




At Bregy we provide all our Bregy students with the skills necessary to succeed and excel in their future. We focus on academics, technology, the arts, science and social skills. We provide access to the latest technology across all grades K through 8. Our children are motivated to learn and passionate about sharing their ideas. We empower our students to be lifelong learners and discover new experiences.

Principal Warthen’s welcome letter for school year 2020-2021 can be accessed through this link