Student Uniform Policy

Uniforms are mandatory.  Bregy’s school uniform is:
Khaki skirt or pants (no jeans)
Maroon golf type shirt (collar with 2-3 buttons)
Bregy T-shirt and Maroon Sweat Pants – PE Days Only
(PE Uniforms can be purchased in the main office.)
Bregy Pride Day: Any Bregy T-shirt & Jeans  ((Last Friday of Each Month)

Bregy Clubs

WHYY Media Lab: We have partnered with WHYY to allow our students the opportunity to create and learn how to edit media projects using software such as Final Cut Pro.

Chess Club:  Students compete in tournaments throughout the year against other schools in the city.  The culminating event is a tournament at Lincoln Financial Field.

Safety Patrol: During dismissal, we have a responsible group of 7th and 8th-grade students that keep our hallways and students safe.

Cooking Club: Students culminate healthy and delicious meals with our teacher Mrs. Buonocore.